I specialise in combining the best of yoga and massage.  I give excellent private classes in the comfort of your home.  I help you to establish a home practice, and create a special space that will transport you time and again to the sweetest, deepest part of yourself, your happy place.  I give nice, gentle adjustments using healing pranic energy from my hands and neuromuscular trigger points to fine-tune your âsanas.

A lot is written about what yoga is and isn’t. For me, yoga is simply a set of tools that help you to find that silent, happy place within you that has been there all along but which, perhaps, you didn’t know how to find.  Yoga is a reliable and almost scientific method to find your inner peace and then get there time and again.  That is what I believe to be true, and that is what I teach.

The objective of any yoga teacher is to establish a home practice for the student.  Ideally, we want you to become completely independent.  But, we know how hard that is. Believe me, sustaining a home practice is challenging and we know it!  So, teaching from my own experience, I can coach you so that you develop the faith and willpower necessary to power your own practice.  What are you waiting for?  Get in touch.

I have been practising Hatha Yoga since 1999.  I began studying the fine art of teaching yoga in 2008.  I began teaching yoga in 2011.  It is a passion and a touchstone of mine.  I ramble on and on about yoga at alteayoga.wordpress.com.  Please hop on over and have a read.



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