Hi! So, you’ve gotten this far – maybe you’re interested in some wellness services. Please click here for contact details 🙂

Miss Rachel

Check out my Facebook and Instagram for yoga practices, recipes and some nice pictures of the beautiful Costa Blanca.

You can get a very good sense of who I am by watching me guide yoga classes, so I really do encourage you to check those pages out.

Finally, I have a Youtube channel for Alteayoga. It is called “alteayoga” because that was my brand. I “outgrew” it, finding is eventually too geographical and too specific. I know a lot about yoga, but I know a lot about other stuff too – nutrition, self-care, supplementation, biochemistry, meditation and a long etc. So, adios Alteayoga, I sure did love you well 😉

Sharing is Caring, folks. I would so appreciate a like or a comment on any of my social media, and of course, a follow here. Your support is so appreciated. I am just a person, like anyone else, and a little encouragement goes a long way.

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