Hi! My name is Miss Rachel Rose, and I am here to help you find your path to true wellness. I have been in the health and wellness field all my life, and I am 48, fit, happy and pretty fab, if I do say so myself.

Miss Rachel, at your service

I started Rose Tint Your Life as a positivity project, but it has morphed into a wellness project. I offer support from “top to toe” in that I am a great bodyworker, a super experienced yoga practitioner and teacher, a patient listener and a very clever nutritionist. I have a background in science, and am pretty skeptical by nature. I stay away from the more left-field beliefs and concentrate on solid science. But, don’t forget – a lot of serious investigation has been done about massage, manual lymphatic drainage, meditation, yoga and alternative nutritional therapy and much of it stands up to clinical trial when properly studied.

I keep up to date on the science, and use tested protocols to help you. I do this with a dose of fun, good vibes and let-it-go attitude to help you forge a clear path through the messier parts of life. That is the coaching part. You can be sure that my long years of therapy practice have developed a sixth sense of how to help people stay motivated and achieve their goals.

Yoga philosophy has a nice saying that “everything that is in your path is there to teach you.”  Failure and struggle teach us an awful lot, as long as we don’t get pulled down. I like the oriental yin-yang idea, too, that even in the blackest of blacks, there is a speck of white.

I am a huge fan of patience, and sometimes think that patience is the only form of positivity.  I know that there is a cult of positivity out there, and too often it is false positivity that lends itself to letting people down, or generating frustration in people who can’t seem to feel “positive enough”. I don’t subscribe to false positivity or any of these “everything is in your mind” philosophies. I actually think that reality is real and that there are things outside of our control. The mission is to accept what we cannot control and work on that which we can control.

I am here to help you tap into your higher self, your intuition, your self-love. I think that self-care and self-love are art forms, and that we each love and care for ourselves in different ways, but along the same lines. There is so much out there, so many therapies, so many points of view. The question is how to know what is right for you. That is where I hope to help you, so you can find your path and your deep joy and good health.

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