Welcome!  You have landed on a page dedicated to my wellness practice.  I offer massage, hot stones, manual lymphatic drainage and yoga.  I also offer a nutritional and coaching program in my wellness practice.

Miss Rachel Rose

Let’s be honest:  the demographics don’t lie.  We are getting older, collectively.  Spain and Italy have some of the oldest populations in the world, and Europe in general has an aged population.  Here on the Costa Blanca, we have a large retired community. People come here to prolong their lives and enjoy their retirement.  But, mainstream healthcare is not preventative and many people struggle with pain, fatigue, overweight, overuse of medication and lack of motivation to exercise.  This is what I am here for.  Let me help you get over the hurdles that stop you being your best you!  Maybe you need a kind word, maybe you need to be listened to, maybe you need a swift shove up the backside.  I am good at all of these things.  I am kind, patient, but firm and clear.  Don’t you need someone like that in your life?  And even if you don’t live in the Costa Blanca, we can meet online, we will make this work for you!

Get in touch and let’s work on this together!  Call or whatsapp now:  +34667997532 .

Good health begins within.  Wellness begins within.  What we do and what we put in our bodies is important, but the real transformative energy comes from deep in the belly, deep in the soul.  It’s like a voice calling out to us to be our best selves, to overcome our addictions and harmful patterns so that we can live freely.

Freedom is what it’s all about.  Through good nutrition, healthy exercise, and balanced thought, we reduce pain, increase emotional stability and generally navigate our way through life more freely, more lightly, more elegantly.

Doesn’t that sound good?  Wouldn’t you like to live without pain, without worry, without remorse?  Well, there are tried and tested means to lighten your physical and emotional load and I can help.  Why?  Because I have done it myself, I am highly trained, I have a long professional journey and I am a nice and happy and helpful person.

Following a series of changes of location, I am hopeful that my new room will let me settle into it so that I can receive you and help you on your journey to good health.  I am now happily installed in a lovely room in the centre of beautiful Altea.  The address is Calle Gabriel MirĂ³ 4, 1st floor.  So come check me out.  You won’t regret it!!

By the way…I am 48 years old, and I know that I don’t look it…I have some secrets that I will share with you…so get in touch now, if you care about yourself and want to keep that body and mind fit and fab!